Veloriraptor claims the Hogwarts tour as her scariest ride, but I’ve gotta say, Splash Mountain was not to be trifled with. You pass by all these scenes from Song of the South and in one Br’er Fox is pretty much about to brutally murder Br’er Rabbit and it was our last ride of the night and it was all dark and eerie like if you were the only person at a carnival at closing time with all the rides still running and augh

But anyway – an amazing first trip to Disney World, A++ would do again!! My hair is partly blue/green right now, and all of the princesses we met had something to say about it! “Usually Merriweather only does that sort of thing to clothes, ohoho~!! As long as you’ve got all that ~pixie dust~ in your hair, you should make a wish~!” That kinda thing. So cute.