Patbird and I had such a blast at New York Comic Con this past weekend, crowds and all!  We got to take in the sights, meet some of our creative heroes (Amanda Conner! Brian Michael Bendis! Robert Kirkman! Paul Duffield! Ananth & Yuko! Raina & Dave! Brandon Sandersonnnn!), kick back for star-studded panels (yes I was there for Stan Lee and Yoshiki, haha, what was that), and acquire things.  Incredible things.

Also, we went to the super-fun and highly classy iFanboy party at Bergen St. Comics, where the above story takes place.

As a side note: if you will be in NYC this Sunday, you might want to check out the Pickle Festival!  While I personally am not a fan of pickles proper, I do like pickled beets, and there is a gelato place right around the corner.  Woo!