For some reason – male bonding? their similar bird sensibilities? – Abbytiel’s young cockatiel has been getting along splendidly with Patbird. They’re pretty cute together! :pout:

Anyway, gang: I know we’ve skirted around this question in the past, but I would like to finally address once and for all the unusual issue of animals and, you know, animals. What’s up with this bird having a pet bird?

…The 2040s were a strange time. Genetic modifications were becoming more accessible and desirable; all the cool kids were all electing to take on animal characteristics. This, paired with the resurgence of Sanrio chic, meant that humans as we know them died out in favor of people with “cute” mods – floppy ears, cute puppy-dog eyes, and the occasional narwhal horn.

Sometime around then, Galesaur’s glacier finally melted and she rejoined the world (a much more unusual and dinosaur-free world than she remembered)… but that’s another story for another day.