Me, I just have weird dreams. Like the one where there was a leprechaun plaguing the town, and Patbird and I managed to trap it in a box.  Well, we had to bury that box in the forest, but he made the mistake of letting me carry it, and – big surprise – I dropped the box, freeing the leprechaun.  Then Patbird summons a demon to get advice on how to get rid of the leprechaun, the demon tells me that I shouldn’t take any airplanes until it’s caught because it is now a leprechaun with a grudge, and also I need to memorize this special chant if I want to have any hope of defeating it.

It started with “Fear is the painkiller…”

Clearly my subconscious has a thing for leprechauns, and also mangling popular Bene Gesserit sayings.